Friday, December 26, 2008

The Strangest Direct Mail Piece Ever

How do they do it? By "they" I mean direct marketers, and by "it" I mean choose their victi- I mean, recipients? Check this out:

What list could AT&T's marketroids possibly have gotten my name off of that would make them think I am
  1. Japanese
  2. interested in online access, but so cheap that $14.99/month for a 768kb DSL line sounds like a good deal? or perhaps so ignorant that 768kb sounds like "High Speed Internet"?
Truly amazing. I'd love to know someone who could tell me what kind of response that campaign generated. Though to be fair, the ads on Gmail are frequently as mis-targeted.

Since I read a lot of technical mailing lists via Gmail, I get to see things like Java programming discussions containing references to the "String" class accompanied by ads for, say, "where to buy Kabbalah strings".

Semantic web, next stop, you betcha!