Monday, May 05, 2008

more CommunityOne

Last session for me, most likely, but wild: check out mod_ndb (, an Apache httpd module that allows direct RESTful access to a MySQL cluster, from 5.0 on.
Results can be returned as JSON, XML, XHTML, or other.

Props to the author, John David Duncan (of MySQL/Sun).


Interesting day so far.

The keynote panel discussed (without reaching any real conclusions) the impact of companies, particularly large ones like Google and Sun, participating in open source projects. And there was an interesting demonstration of the resilience of a ZFS-based system having 2 of its 8 drives destroyed while running, one by sledgehammer and one with an electric drill. Who hasn't thought of doing that anyway? :-)

Didn't originally have this in my sights but wound up at a talk on extending OpenOffice via the available plugin API. While I've been trying to spend more time on Ruby than Java, this extensibility could address an operational problem for one of my clients in a very elegant way. And the demo using the NetBeans plugin was impressive.

The "Turn Your Web Site into an OpenSocial Container" session gave me a little more insight into the OpenSocial API but also introduced a project at Sun developing "SocialSite" (, an OpenSocial server, with tooling support for Widgets/Gadgets through jMaki in NetBeans or Eclipse.