Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today's Your ....

I love dogs for their Buddha nature. It's all about now. Yesterday is over, tomorrow doesn't exist, every morning is new and the same simultaneously. The back door opens to the same yard, which must be diligently inspected. Same/not-same.

Just being philosophical on my birthday, of which there have already been many. many many. many many many. Living with dogs is a blessing, though, for the life lessons and laughter.

Though our youngest dog, 6 months old, has now taken to stealing my sandals, as well as socks and undergarments. And he has a little cloth "house" in the living room. So if I find one sandal's gone missing, that's now the first place I check.

But who can get mad at a face like this?

Here's the full-size version as well as links to the rest of the pack's pictures.

And happy birthday or unbirthday to everyone, as applicable. :-)