Monday, August 27, 2007

Everything Old is New Again

So I read that IBM will work with Sun to bring Solaris to IBM mainframes. Amazing. Sorta. In a very deja vu sense.

In the mid-'80s I was working for National Advanced Systems (NAS). Originally a builder of IBM "Plug-Compatible Machines", NAS was at that time selling Hitachi PCM mainframes and peripherals.

Leaving my field support specialist position (and 24x7 pager tether!) in 1988, I joined a division called the "Engineering and Scientific" group which was exploring other businesses outside of basic mainframe sales.

One of those projects was a joint venture with Sun Microsystems to port SunOS to run natively on the Hitachi mainframes. My role was to provide insight into the
maintainability aspects of the System/370 architecture.

Unfortunately, NAS' parent company (National Semiconductor) pulled the plug on the entire group the day before Thanksgiving, so the project was never completed. Let's hope the current effort is more successful!